Join Us -- Membership Information

The Winchester Model Railroad Club welcomes new members, young and old, into its ranks.  Whether you are an avid hobbyist with years of model railroading or someone just beginning to design your first layout we welcome you.

The criteria for joining the Club is:
1.The prospective member must fill out a Club Membership Application and submit it.
2.The prospective member must attend five (5) meetings, including at least one (1) regular business meeting and at least one (1) work session.  The meetings do not need to be consecutive.
3.The prospective member must be "sponsored" by a current member.  This does not mean someone has to know a member of the Club before applying; just that a current member must have a chance to get to know the prospect during their attendance at the five meetings mentioned above.
4.The prospective member must be accepted and voted in by the majority of members in attendance at the next business meeting (held on the first Tuesday of the month) following the prospect's five meeting required attendance.
5.After being accepted by vote, the prospect will have to pay a $100.00 (one hundred dollars) initiation fee and their $75.00 (seventy-five dollars) annual dues.  The dues will be prorated for the balance of the year. 

The membership application is avaliable as both a PDF document (click here) and as a MS Word document (click here) .